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Pioneer Enterprise, we manufacture High Quality Quick Release Coupling, Quick Disconnect Coupling and other Hose Fittings.


This work on simple 'Push & Pull Principle'. The adaptor when pushed into the coupler is securely held by the self locking arrangement resulting in a positive and leak proof connections. This action simultaneously opens the valve and fluid flow starts. To disconnect, pull back sleeve of the coupler, the adaptor ejects out and the valve shuts off automatically.

Quick Release Coupling/Quick Disconnect Coupling
Quick Release Coupling Quick Release Coupling Quick Release Coupling
Quick Release Coupling Quick Release Coupling Quick Release Coupling

For years Pioneer Enterprise has developed and marketed wide range of quick release couplings and systems that meets critical application of individual customers for efficient connection and disconnection of hoses and pipings. Quick Release Couplers is proven performer multi purpose fluid coupling. Quick connection and disconnection by one touch action yields extra easy handling of piping systems in many industrial fields and saves operating time, cost and energy all of which leads to higher productivity.

We take pleasure in presenting high quality Quick release coupling which is acknowledged and trusted by myrid of industries for its workship, durability and reliability. We also manufacture non-standard models made to your exact specifications.

With major stride in in industrialization Quick Release Coupling from European and other developed countries has come to India along with imported plants and equipments for various projects. We have developed quick release couplings of various designs and models equivalent and interchangeable with imported couplings to meet individual customers applications.

Taking this opportunity we thank you for your continuing use of Quick Release Couplings.

Contact us :
Pioneer Enterprise
101, Raudat Tahera Street, Mumbai-400003. INDIA.
Tel: +9122 2347 2534 Fax: +9122 2347 0325
pionlace@vsnl.com / pioneerfitting@yahoo.com

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